Monday, December 19, 2005

Year 2005

Crash - a mix match of intertwined character stories addressing the issue of racism and mix culture of the US. Gritty and in your face, the real US maybe (i dunno, haven't been there)... nothing like those pretty USA neigbourhoods of Sex and City or rich Beverly Hills. Great movie.

A lot like love - a likeable love comedy story, considering if you like watching Ashton Kuscher and Amanda Peet. I enjoyed it with my better half

Wedding date - a romance comedy. Main casts weren't exactly my favorites, but story-wise quite ok.

Hide and seek - Without Robert De Niro, this movie would have bombed. Still, an alright but maybe non-fulfilling flavor.

XXX2 - this is wat a good combination of directing, scripting and pacing will do to even a sequel... a good action movie... nothing B-grade or cheesy.. just good old fashion entertainment. I think this is even better than the first movie... even tho the lead was less appealing.

Kungfu mahjong - another one of those shallow gambling and silly offerings from Wong Jing.

Unleashed - probably a chance for Jet Li to show some acting skills, overall entertaining.

Hostage - familiar plotlines of difficult life threatening scenarios to the tune of Die Hard thanks to the Bruce willis unshakeable image from past movies.

Guess who - nicely done comedy with the right hilarious cast of Bernie Mac and Ashton Kutcher.

Million dollar baby- this is one example how a simple story mixed with a good script and good acting, can garner so much praise and awards. Addictive watching.

First Daughter- light hearted teen romance comedy, nicely done, worth a watch.

Hitchhiker's guide to galaxy- Expected a lot from this movie, but was somehow made to look low-budget or BBC-like (or accidentally made). Overall interesting story. But if u expect Star wars CGI, forget it.

Monster in law - one of those in-law movies, reminiscent of Meet the parents and so forth, nicely done.

Pacifier - warning, this is for kids only unless you love to watch Vin diesel trying to act adorable or funny.

Sin City - a mixture of characters in a Dick Tracy-Comic style format, I found the script bad and corny. Overall, interesting watch.

Constantine - finally, a nice change from the mediocre movie offerings. A comic-based movie about good vs evil, supernatural and with lots of razzle dazzle. Definitely a good watch for any action/horror freak.

Sahara- an action flick worth watching, nicely done. Not too corny or fake.

Alexander- to me, this movie was boring. It probably dwelled too much on the characterisation or history of Alexander in detail, but as for movie dramatization, not exciting for me.

Hitch- superb romance and swinging comedy worth watching for couples.

Assault on precinct 13- breath of fresh air, to see some new faces in an action thriller. Recommended.

Blade trinity- this has got to be the least serious of the whole trilogy... with the introduction of the 2 sidekicks. But still fun to watch. The first movie remains to be best and most intense.

Alexander- this has got to be the most boring of all roman/gladiator type of movie. Lots of daring nudity. I had to watch this at least 3 seatings.

Seoul Raiders - the sequel to HK's Tokyo raiders, this is just another sad production excuse of an action movie. Throw in Tony Leung, some pretty co stars and some action/crime story, they expected the mind-dead consumers to lap it up. Wrong.

Saw - one of the greatest suspense thriller that keeps you guessing to the end, similar to Seven. Chilling, disgusting and dark, this is a not miss. Superb.

Series of unfortunate events - was expecting the silliness and childishness of The Grinch, which I didn't like. But turned out to be fun to watch throughout, magical and beautiful in cinematography and tickling.

Elektra - nothing much spectacular, some cool action scenes now and then, but you can expect to see Alias superheroine performing similar stunts and fighting scenes, but using her trusty weapons, 'Sais'. Not a very convincing ending but still fun to watch.

The Jacket - a mix between the craziness of "12 monkeys" and maybe "Butterfly effect", this was average, nothing to shout about.

Alfie - a delightful movie regarding relationships and flirting. If u love Sex n the city, this movie is for the single guys and the too-late-to-turn-around married ones.

Flight of the Phoenix - a movie with characters of sorts, similar to Con Air. As usual, some characters are irritating to the bone. But certain scenes made up for it. Especially when related to the dangers of the desert, which was quite trivial.

Meet the fockers - sequel to the 'Meet the parents', this one was weaker than the first as it tries too hard and ridiculous at times. Rather be watching reality shows on tv.

Exorcist Beginning - nothing great. I was expecting more from the prequel but turns out to be one of those mambo jumbo horror flick.

Kungfu Hustle - the latest movie from Stephen chow since Shaolin Soccer, this was much anticipated and awaited. It does not dissapoint in terms of comedy and slapstick. It excels in the fight scenes and chinese-comic-depiction of kungfu power, thanks to the superb choreography of Yuen Wo Ping and the CGI. Of course, the CGI are overdone and may look fake, but who are we kidding, right? For those who loves such from Matrix or Spiderman or even Shaolin Soccer, this is the movie of the year for me, IMO.

Ladder 49 - a much acclaimed movie and well received feedback from friends, I was dissapointed. Felt more like drama or some kind of tribute to firefighters. I thought it would be something like 'Backdraft' with some twists in between but nope, straightforward plot.

The Grudge - this has got to be one of the scariest movie I've seen from start to end. I had to watch it in broad daylight and in a small tv environment (not my usual big screen in dark room). Just for scares and not much original plotline, this is one for creeping out your girl for hand holding sake...hehehe.

Taxi - a flashy movie involving fast car action and drop dead hot girls. Very entertaining provided you can tolerate the irritating lead actor's antics throughout.


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