Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A DVD a day keeps the blues away .....

Update : My weekly addiction - Californication season 1, Dexter Season 1, Entourage season 4, Desperate Housewives season 4 and Prison break season 3.

I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry - without Jessica Biel, a hopeless comedy and waste of time

Invisible target - the same fellas from 'Dragon Tiger Gate' team up again. Well done indeed except for a tad too much unnecessary drama (probably addded to give it deeper characterisation or substance).

Die hard 4 - it can only get better especially after the last sequel. Would have been better if they took out the cheesy sidekick (what's with all these young actors and roles eg. transformers, disturbia, etc.... we don't need these characters to appeal to the young-lings, do we?)

War - not too bad at all, was expecting worse based on past Jet Li movies. Quite properly done

Planet terror - if you love old cheesy zombie gore, this is for you. A waste of talent and publicity

Shrek3 - this series should have stopped somewhere in the middle of Shrek2, it's getting mundane

Invisible - was expecting something bigger but fell flat with nothing original

The contractor - give it a miss

Pixar shorts - a collection of Pixar shorts from the past, good for a short laugh

Vacancy - simple and predictable but yet done properly, entertaining especially with yummy Kate Beckinsale.

Zodiac - a long true life movie which purposely drags the viewer into a frustrating search for truth. Must watch

Employee of the month - if you love Waiting, this should be nice for a slow weekend. Hypermarket culture.

Reign over me - a drama which sees Adam Sandler in a serious role but one which puts him in familiar 'nutty' territory. Quite uplifting.

Rise Blood Hunter - a female Blade version wannabe. Not bad.

Bourne ultimatum - I think was the best of the series, showcases the skills of Bourne and his character. A great ending or is it?

Breach - a surprisingly interesting low-budget movie, revolving around a true story and its characters performance

Ocean's thirteen - always entertaining to see how the big plot comes into play, always a pleasure to follow

Knocked up - light comedy which doesn't meet my fancy, too much bumming around maybe. End scene caught me off guard though.

Harry Porter and Order of Phoenix - way past the intrigue and mystery, this series is getting flatter despite the book sales

Grindhouse Death Proof - latest Tarantino offering, it falls flat for me.... too slow and way too much dialogue that was not as engaging as Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill.

Last Mimzy - one for the family, a scifi fantasy that's quite entertaining.

Spiderman 3 - sucks just as much as Spiderman 2, it was just unbearable to see the human drama unfold. Action made up for it.

Flashpoint - if you love HK's SPL, this will be fun. I just love the fast fighting scenes... ruthless and very very dangerous. Jujitsu is amazing! Donnie Yen is absolutely my favorite kungfu star... gone is Jacky Chan who's become slow and comical.

Evan Almighty - not as good/funny as the original, raises too much questions and doubts. But still entertaining.

Shaun of the dead - after HOT FUZZ, I traced backwards to this movie. It has the same style and comedy, but lack of substance and not as funny. Fun though.

The Contract - unexciting. Morgan Freeman and John Cusack can't save this wreck at all.

Ratatouille - well done indeed. Beautifully made, animated and delivered. Heartwarming and fun. A must to my animation dvd library

Fantastic Four 2 (silver surfer) - light comic to movie adaptation.... entertaining. Nothing serious. I'm hoping comic movies are made more adult-like and dark.

Disturbia - a familiar plot (Fright night? Rear window?) but at a teenager level... quite juvenile. Actor gets on my nerves, similar to Transformers

Wild hogs - a super star male cast in a road trip lighthearted comedy. Sometimes too wacky for my taste.

Fracture - a nice murder mystery thriller, thanks to creepy and mysterious Anthony Hopkins.

Simpsons the movie - with nothing much different from tv series, it's the usual silliness. Nothing grand.

Meet the robinsons - Well done animation story, which brings heartfelt emotions to the package. Recommended. A must to my animation dvd library

Captivity - quite entertaining.... directing style feels like SAW or SEVEN .... .sexy girl in serial killer situation... winning formula :D

Hot Fuzz - If you love stylistic crazy directing and comedy eg. Snatch or Lock Stock Smoking Barrels, this kept me laughing all the way. Highly recommended

Mr Bean's Holiday - definitely much worse than the first movie BEAN. Not worth watching

Smoking aces - quite confusing / overwhelming at first.... so many actors/characters to absorb and the conspiracies ... phew... but entertaining, if you love KILL BILL or assassins kind of movies eg. LUCKY SLEVIN

I think I love my wife - a romance comedy with Chris Rock about infidelity and marriage life.... fun and easy going

28 weeks later - in similar fashion, this sequel has the shaky cameras and quick pacing

Perfect stranger - a murder thriller, which leaves an after taste

Shooter - an impressive action packed movie and with one of my favorite low-key actor, Mark Wahlberg

Transformers - the movie to watch since a long long time as far as I can remember. Going into the movie without any idea of the plot, directing, casting, etc., the experience was exhiliarating. Surprise after surprise, the movie unwrapped to a full blown action packed hi-tech battle, it's the to-die-for dvd to get. The amount of details and tech are unbelievable. Forget about the cheesy and simple comic relief, enjoy the ride.

The Fountain - a weird life-death movie, with beautiful cinematography.

Ghost rider - a standard super hero offering, not a very grand scale production ie. standard special effects and not spectacular visualisation of ghost rider... a little fake or animated, imo. Feels like buffy kind of offering. Still an entertaining comic adaptation

Reno 911 miami - crappy police-academy wannabe movie.

Music and lyrics - not many romance comedy dramas these days. With the right chemistry, acting and mood, this was quite decent. Quite uplifting and light fun. Hugh Grant is still a constantly blinking, twitching and flustered kind of character... love or hate.

Next - simple but yet entertaining action/thriller plot. A cross between time travel or what-if scenarios reminiscent of Butterfly effect or Sliding doors?!

The hitcher - moderate slasher-kind of movie, for nothing to do afternoons

Pan's labyrinth - a fairy tale with a dark twist. Not for the kids viewing. Leaves much to the after thoughts. Beautiful cinematography.

Perfume : Story of a murder - a movie many claimed couldn't be made from the likes of Scorcese and Kubrick. A brilliant captivating movie that captures the senses (literally speaking) engulfs the audience into a world of beauty beyond the obvious, one can really relate to the murderer's motives.

Waist deep - a simple in-the-hood action story featuring B-list actors. Passaeble if nothing to watch.

Man of the year - Robin williams suits this role to the T. Nice comedy and drama overall.

Epic movie - spoofs of spoofs, this is a waste of time and intelligence. Not funny at all, just silly.

Open water 2 - sequel to the tragic true life story, this is another tragic could-happen-to-anyone kind of incident. A ridiculous situation but one that can't be ignored.

Deja Vu - from the likes of Michael Bay, this movie is highly recommended. Fresh and from a different perspective (pun intended), it manages to keep me rooted and wondering how it all ends.

Tenacious D and Pick of Destiny - if you love Jack Black and his recent rock movies eg. School of Rock and Nacho Libre, you will definitely love this hilariously rocking movie. Based on actual rock band and songs of his, the lyrics are out of this world and the soundtrack will be a good demo for any HT system. Check out the hilarious THX spoof trailer at beginning (THC the audience is baking).

Tenacious D-Complete Masterworks - if you want more of these guys, this is a collection of their concerts and tv shots

This film is unrated - a documentary of sorts about the controversy surrounding the MPAA and its ratings, influencing the creative juices of the film industry. Interesting material.

Miami vice - despite poor reviews, I found this tv spinoff, an interesting movie. If you love movies like Heat, you'd love the intensity and drama of law enforcement/criminals. The undercover work and suspense kept me hooked. Recommended.

Pirates of the caribbean - Dead man's chest - the novelty seems to be wearing off for me. Is it becoming more silly or is it me? Midway through the cannibal scenes, I have left my serious-action movie-expectation downstairs. A fun watch.

Over the hedge - of the recent animal animation offerings, this has got to be my favorite. A nice mix of wacky characters and their mini adventures.

The banquet - a visually well made movie but story-wise, left me with many questions and dissatisfaction, perhaps done on purpose for the artistic impression, instead of the usual kungfu variety.